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Sigma was the brain child of Dr. Douglas Jackson who was a pioneer in the field. Dr. Douglas Jackson made groundbreaking developments in the field of personality typology and career inventory instruments, when he developed the Jackson Career Explorer. Started in 1967, and based out of Port Huron MI, USA, SIGMA Assessment Systems Inc. helps companies in choosing right candidates as employees, and counsellors in helping students make right career choices. Through strategic yet simplified assessments, it has supported its clients across the globe with established scientific processes for nearly 50 years.

Late Dr. Douglas Jackson
Recognized as the world’s leading authority in psychometric assessments for career fitment, Dr. Douglas completed his undergraduate work at Cornell University in Industrial & Labour Relations, and his Ph.D. at Purdue University in clinical psychology. The American Psychological Association (APA) designated him as Chair of its Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessments. He was elected President of APA’s Division of Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics and President of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Research. Dr. Jackson devoted much of his life to the research and development of psychological tests in personality, psychopathology, intellectual abilities, and vocational interests. He published roughly 250 articles in scholarly journals, several dozen book chapters, and co-edited two books. He also served on the editorial boards of approximately 23 psychological journals. The Personality Research Form authored by Jackson has been acknowledged as one of the three most widely cited personality questionnaires in the psychological research literature. His work has many applications, for example, the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) has influenced the career planning of nearly a million people, while his cognitive ability measure, the Multidimensional Aptitude Battery (MAB)
has been used by NASA in the selection of astronauts.

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